Nicole Noran, MABS, MAT
Library Media Coordinator

The Smokey Mountain Media Center is here to serve the students and teachers of Smokey Mountain Elementary School.  Our library is filled with books to supplement instruction and provide recreational reading. Students are encouraged to check out books that are of interest to them.

Our library has a mini computer lab with seven new computers for students to use in online research and to create digital projects aligned with 21st century learning skills.

Library Hours: 7:45 am-3:30 pm M-F

Each week K-5 students visit the library for a curriculum aligned lesson. Middle school students come each week with their language arts teacher for book talks and book checkout. When students check out books they have selected, they may keep the books for two weeks. SME operates on an A/B checkout schedule. This means that every other week, students check out books with their class. However, a student has individual access to the library during open checkout times each morning from 7:45 am- 8:15 am and throughout the day, so new books may be gotten more than once a week if a student has finished a book.

Library Policies:

Students in kindergarten and 1st grade may check out one book at a time and students in 2nd-8th grade may check out two books at a time. Books are due in two weeks.

A book can be put on hold if it is not in the library when a student is looking for it. Books that are lost or damaged while in a student’s possession must be paid for so a replacement copy or similar book may be purchased.